Terry Noble

Terry is a seasoned stylist and co-owner of Beverly Chen Salon. A seasoned world traveler and el segundo-native, Terry went to school in Los Angeles before returning to fulfill his dream of opening Beverly Chen Salon with his business partner and wife, Melinda.

From an early age, Terry had a sharp eye for art and style - a talent he grew and groomed during his high school career where he studied multimedia arts and fashion. He continued these studies in college as well as during a 6-month stint abroad to Southeast Asia and parts of Africa where he studied local traditional forms of art. It was on this trip where he met the love of his life and wife, Melinda. Together, they have a son, Wyatt, and two fur babies, Boots and Brickel. In his free time, Terry likes to dabble in photography and go on road trips. Many of Terry's photos from his adventures can be seen throughout the salon.

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